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Frequently Asked Questions

Our mission is simple… we raise money and give 100% of it to the families of combat-wounded service members. We can do no less for those who are sacrificing so much for our great nation.

Q: Who can help?


Q: How can they help?

By making donations to FOTWF.

Q: How did FOTWF begin?

A group of Vietnam-era military veterans discovered a major need to furnish financial aid to family members of combat-wounded patients being treated at McGuire Veterans Hospital in Richmond, Virginia.

Q: To whom do you provide assistance?

Family members (spouses, parents, siblings, etc.) who are serving as caregivers for patients who were wounded or injured while serving in, or supporting, combat operations in the Global War on Terrorism.

Q: How does the fund get its money?

Through donations from the general public, church groups, civic groups, foundation grants, and corporations and privately-owned companies.

Q: Are contributions to FOTWF tax deductible?

Yes. The FOTWF is a 501(c)(3) IRS certified charity registered April 7, 2005.

Q: From what type of injuries are service members recovering?

Severe head injuries, amputations, burns, spinal cord injuries, broken bones, and other internal injuries. McGuire is one of six major trauma centers within the veterans hospital system concentrating on spinal and brain injuries.

Q: How have the wounded service members' lives changed?

Family members stay longer, thereby dramatically helping with the recovery and greatly contributing to the healing process. While the long term results are yet to be determined, we believe we will help these wonderful people heal while retaining their family units. Anything we can do to relieve some stress can only be positive.

Q: Where are the service members receiving rehabilitation treatment?

Hunter Holmes McGuire VA Medical Center, Fort Belvoir Community Hospital, Walter Reed Medical Center, Bethesda Naval Center, and other medical centers specialized to care for their injuries.

Q: How long are families away from their homes to be with their wounded service members?

On average, 4-6 weeks, minimum. Many must return home during this time.

Q: How can people donate?

Click on the “DONATE TO FOTWF” button to donate online, or mail check donations to:
Families of the Wounded Fund, Inc.
P.O. Box 5327
Midlothian, Virginia 23112-0023

Q: Is making an online donation secure?

Yes. Your transaction is processed through a trusted, secure online payment service.

Q: Who decides if a family or family members qualifies for the funds from FOTWF?

The Hunter Holmes McGuire VA Medical Center and the Fort Belvoir Community Hospital.

Q: Why is FOTWF so important to the families?

We provide money for:
1. Lodging
2. Food
3. Transportation (Both to Virginia from their home bases, and then in the Richmond area)
4. Telephone expenses
5. Diapers
6. Day care
7. To help cover continuing expenses back home while visiting family members are out of work. Most of the care givers receive compensation from their employers for a couple of weeks, but this quickly ends while their bills continue.

Q: What are FOTWF short/long term goals?

We would like to be out-of business ASAP, however until this time our goals are:

1. To provide as much immediate assistance as possible to the families of the critically wounded as described above.
2. To extend this coverage to include:
A. Specialized housing assistance with ramps and bathroom facilities etc.
B. Provide transportation to insure our soldiers do not become prisoners within their own homes. They need to assimilate back into their communities ASAP and mobility and independence are keys to success.
C. To maximize contact with their families. This is often as critical as the medical care.

Q: What percentage of the funds collected goes to the families?

All of the Board members have made personal donations. We started off providing $25 cash cards to these families, and now through our increasing level of donations, we are able to give donations of $9,000 to each family of qualifying patients.

100% of the funds collected are distributed to the families of the wounded.

No administrative expenses are paid out of the donated funds. We pay all expenses out-of-pocket. All banking and accounting services are provided to FOTWF at NO CHARGE by Board Members.

Learn About FOTWF

Read more about how Families of the Wounded Fund (FOTWF) operates in our Frequently Asked Questions section.

Please note that there is no registration process for fund recipients - they are brought to the attention Families of the Wounded Fund via VA hospital social workers.

If you have specific questions that haven't been addressed here, feel free to contact us via email or the handy form on our Contact page. Thank you.